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This site will be the definitive location for information about and complete collection of my artistic output. I will keep this site updated with new works as they become available. —Dave


Race is being talked about more and more, but as a black man growing up in Texas, it's been a daily thought process that's second nature. Also, I love the double entendre of the word race. The notion of competition... self destruction... self motivation.

The single editions are only going to exist at full size as the print you buy. They will come signed, dated and will include a certificate of authenticity. There may be the occasional multiple edition of smaller size but the intended full size versions will remain one of a kind.


East Austin Studio Tour 2015

November 25, 2015

So, the East Austin Studio Tour was the last two weekends.... November 14-15 & 21-22, 2015. And, I survived. I realize that is a silly word to use... Read More


July 21, 2015

Sheesh! I've been working hard to make adjustments to this site. Tiny things you might not notice but believe me, they had to be done.... Read More


July 05, 2015

Ok, my good friend outed me. He tweeted that this site is live. I wasn't ready. But what does ready mean really? Waiting for things... Read More


July 02, 2015

Ugh... I need css help. The font styles are crap. I'm... particular. Read More