Trying new forms

December 13, 2016

I'm interested in creating art that uses natural elements as metaphors for circulation and communication. These first steps are the beginning of a few new series. The basic similarities between blood and water flow within animals to plants is obvious enough. So I play with texture and color to see those elemental forms differently.

Stay tuned. I'll be exploring this series much more extensively over the holidays.

Many thanks to the super generous folks at we had a great West Austin Studio Tour for 2016. The owner has created a space for musicians to create but also designated wall space for artists. A true patron of the arts. Very lucky to know these folks. If you're a musician in Austin, Texas go check them out.

I met some cool people who came out to see some art despite the monsoon-like conditions. They were engaged and wanted to know everything, from technique to the story behind each piece. That's always energizing. Talking about the art's origins and reasons for being somehow makes things more important.

I was able to complete a good number of the crumpled paper series for this show. It's a pretty involved process as it's technically sculpture and photography first, then digital painting. I also introduced some new portraits that are very personal. They are not specific portraits but based closely on my family and friends. I think this is going to be a lengthy series.

Back to work.

VERGE Art Event

March 04, 2016

EVENT is at Rising Sun Aikido.
PARKING is across the street at Crockett High School! Watch for signs!

By the same people who brought you the Wanderlust Art Show, and the VERGE Inaugural event, VERGE Art Events presents UNREAL, an art show with live jazz by Tommy Cornelison Group.

Quite excited about this pop-up art show. I'm trying to get my stuff in front of as many faces as possible. I'm showing some new stuff here so come out if you can.


So, the East Austin Studio Tour was the last two weekends.... November 14-15 & 21-22, 2015. And, I survived. I realize that is a silly word to use given the world we live in but I think you know what I mean. I was nervous and worried about the inevitable rejection of passersby dismissing or ignoring my work. I'd never displayed art and then stood next to it and had to answer for it. Not since college anyway.

As a graphic designer I can present logos and websites and defend the choices all day long, but this was different. I got closer to the work having to explain it. I realized that I loved it. Loved making it, loved talking about it.

The feedback I received was both flattering and instructive. I now know I can defend my decisions and explain my artistic choices. I sold work. Work I'd created a while back. Work that was really meaningful to me. That's mind blowing. Something that I grinded over in the middle of the night is going to be hanging in someone's home. They know the story behind it, how I created it... they felt compelled enough to want to own it. That's the real deal. That connection is a wonderful feeling.

What's next? The future is going to be a challenge. A good challenge. I need to honor the faith these folks showed in supporting my work by moving it all forward. Evolving it in a way that makes sense. 

I'm inspired and grateful.



July 21, 2015

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Sheesh! I've been working hard to make adjustments to this site. Tiny things you might not notice but believe me, they had to be done. I've been struggling with the dual necessities of making new art or getting the images and captions of finished art onto the site. I know, that's not a real problem. All things considered I've got it pretty good.

Alright, so there's new stuff to see. If you follow me on Instagram you've seen some of these pieces already. I can't help myself and post things that aren't quite finished. It's an obsession to get my stuff into your faces. These are huge files that started out as photographs of textures, vector graphics, scribblings, and other habitually manic going's on. I really like the result. It's work that doesn't require too much angst and is decidedly dirty and free. I toil over the details but I don't have an agenda with this work. They are 48" x 48". I know that's quite a commitment for your wall. I will likely offer smaller versions of these at limited editions. The full size versions, however, are single editions. They will only be printed once.

I hope you like them... Mosaics.


July 05, 2015

Ok, my good friend outed me. He tweeted that this site is live. I wasn't ready. But what does ready mean really? Waiting for things to be perfect is a foolish thing to do. It's an excuse to delay the possibility that no one will like my work. That people will think me pretentious or a fraud.

I got over it quickly.

So, here is my artwork. I hope you like it.


July 02, 2015

Ugh... I need css help. The font styles are crap. I'm... particular.
I met some supremely cool folks today at sxsw. People who understand my particular viewpoint as a graphic designer but also have their own take on how to affect change and remain positive. It's always inspirational to meet smart, cool people. I have reaffirmed the notion that participating within the design and art communities is the best way to call attention to deficits in diversity. My inner voice has been answered.


March 14, 2015

Okay, so here is the beginning. This is still in development, BUT... it is the definitive place to see my growing works of art.