Sheesh! I've been working hard to make adjustments to this site. Tiny things you might not notice but believe me, they had to be done. I've been struggling with the dual necessities of making new art or getting the images and captions of finished art onto the site. I know, that's not a real problem. All things considered I've got it pretty good.

Alright, so there's new stuff to see. If you follow me on Instagram you've seen some of these pieces already. I can't help myself and post things that aren't quite finished. It's an obsession to get my stuff into your faces. These are huge files that started out as photographs of textures, vector graphics, scribblings, and other habitually manic going's on. I really like the result. It's work that doesn't require too much angst and is decidedly dirty and free. I toil over the details but I don't have an agenda with this work. They are 48" x 48". I know that's quite a commitment for your wall. I will likely offer smaller versions of these at limited editions. The full size versions, however, are single editions. They will only be printed once.

I hope you like them... Mosaics.

Dave McClinton
Dave McClinton