West Austin Studio Tour 2016

Many thanks to the super generous folks at www.spaceatx.com we had a great West Austin Studio Tour for 2016. The owner has created a space for musicians to create but also designated wall space for artists. A true patron of the arts. Very lucky to know these folks. If you're a musician in Austin, Texas go check them out.

I met some cool people who came out to see some art despite the monsoon-like conditions. They were engaged and wanted to know everything, from technique to the story behind each piece. That's always energizing. Talking about the art's origins and reasons for being somehow makes things more important.

I was able to complete a good number of the crumpled paper series for this show. It's a pretty involved process as it's technically sculpture and photography first, then digital painting. I also introduced some new portraits that are very personal. They are not specific portraits but based closely on my family and friends. I think this is going to be a lengthy series.

Back to work.

Dave McClinton
Dave McClinton